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Active Directory / Windows Authentication Integration

Web Wiz Forums is able to integrate with Microsoft Windows Active Directory or with Windows Authentication. Setup is very simple and should just take a few minutes.

To make the integration work there are some requirements that need to be setup on the IIS Web Server.

  • Anonymous Access must be disabled for the Web Wiz Forums website in IIS
  • The server must be configured to work with Active Directory or Windows Authentication
  • Those browsing the Web Wiz Forums website must be logged in through Active Directory or Windows Authentication

If you are unsure how to setup the above on the web server you should contact Microsoft support.

How to Setup The Active Directory / Windows Authentication Integration

  1. Check that you have the paid Premium Edition of Web Wiz Forums or have used the 'Upgrade' facility in the Admin Control Panel of the Free Express Edition to change it to the Free Adware Edition.

  2. Ensure that Anonymous access to the website hosting Web Wiz Forums is disabled and website visitors are required to login with Active Directory on Windows Authentication.

  3. Next need to open in notepad the forum file functions/functions_windows_authentication.asp.

  4. Inside this file you will find the variable blnWindowsAuthentication which needs to be set to True as shown below.

    'Set the variable below to true if you are using windows authentication
    blnWindowsAuthentication = True

  5. That's it the Active Directory / Windows Authentication Integration is now setup and as long as everything is setup correctly you will find that when your users browse the forum they will be logged in under their Active Directory or Windows Authentication username.

Notes on The Active Directory / Windows Authentication Integration

Members Usernames
The members username in the forum will use the name part of the windows authentication username, if the forum admin would like to change the members name to something different, they can log into the forums online 'control panel' and use the Change Username tool to change the members name.

Admin Control Panel - IMPORTANT
The admin control panel can only be accessed through the built in admin account once Windows Authentication/Active Directory is enabled. You would need to point your browser at the forums admin.asp page and login with the built in admin account credentials. Other member accounts can NOT be set as admin accounts once enabled, if you wish to give users extra powers you would need to make them moderators. Do NOT rename the built in admin account with the same name as your Windows Authentication/Active Directory login name.

Windows Authentication/Active Directory MUST be enabled from a clean install you can NOT change to this type of login at a later stage. Do NOT try and import members or add them manually, you MUST let the users be auto added to your forum by the Web Wiz Forums software.

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