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Firewall RulesHyper-V & Dedicated Server Blocked Network Ports

This page lists Ports that are Blocked both inbound and outbound from our Server Network.

We often find that customers expose services on their Servers which can be used to compromise their Server. If these services are left open on the Internet they reveal information such as Windows Usernames or Remote Procedure Call Services that can be abused by bad actors to take control of Windows Servers and use them as part of a botnet.

To protect Customers Servers we block the following Ports both inbound and outbound to our Server Network.


Service Port Protocol
Kerberos Auth Service 88 TCP/UDP
Network Time Protocol (NTP) 123 UDP
Windows Management Instrument (WMI) 135 TCP
NetBios 137 to 139 TCP
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 389 TCP/UDP
SMB File Sharing 445 TCP/UDP
Kerberos Admin Service 464 TCP/UDP
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 623 UDP
MS-SQL Server Resolution Service 1434 UDP
HSRPHot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) 1985 UDP
Remote Desktop Services (RDP)
(Restricted access, please Contact Support for whitelisting)
3389 TCP/UPD
ADB.Miner Cryto Miner Botnet 5555 TCP
SmarterMail Remote SYSTEM RCE Vulnerbility 17001 TCP
mDNS and Bonjour 5353 UDP
Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution 5355 TCP
Windows Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) 49152 - 49157 TCP

We also implement BCP38 Compliance to prevent abuse of our network using spoofed IP Attacks. www.bcp38.info

If you require a custom set of Firewall Rules or need to have ports opened or close please Create a Support Ticket through your Client Area account to discuss your individual needs.

Web Wiz also highly recommend that you run your own Software Firewall on your Server as an extra layer of protection.

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