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At Web Wiz, we have made it our mission to provide exceptional services and unmatched support to our valued clients. Our primary goal is to exceed their expectations and guarantee their complete satisfaction.

We have included a short list below of some reviews from our customers. You can read further reviews from our customers on the Trustpilot review platform.

Rated Excellent
5-Star Review
Very pleased
I'd just like to say that we are very pleased with the hosting so far. The green aspect of the hosting also goes down well.
Peter Melling
5-Star Review
Servers are really fast!
Staff are professional, they know what you need! Servers are really fast! I spent many years searching for this splendid service!
M.Sait Yagli
5-Star Review
Your support is the best
Your support was the best that I have ever had. Fixing this showed my faith in you and your company is fully justified.
Stephen Billett
5-Star Review
Exceptionally impressed
I have been exceptionally impressed with not only your support, but also your quality of service - my websites are being served up at lightening speed.
Clive Norman
5-Star Review
Can't praise you highly enough!
I still can't believe my project was up and running within a few hours without any hitches. Can't praise you highly enough!
Jon Brewer
5-Star Review
WOW I'm impressed
It's been over a week since we've been live with you guys now and WOW I'm impressed.
Shaun Simpson

Lee Holden
  Lee Holden
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

Thanks again, not for the first time you [Web Wiz] have excelled yourself, I can't imagine any of the hosting companies I have dealt with in the past even listening.

Les Waters   Les Waters
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

This is my eleventh year with WebWiz. I couldn't have been more delighted with the service. Downtime is virtually non existent, updating sites couldn't be easier - and I'm a non-techie. When I've asked for a bit of help, the technical support has always been friendly, helpful and prompt. Altogether an excellent firm. Well done.

M.Sait Yagli   M.Sait Yagli
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

There are so many web hosting firms and I tried so many of them in so many years. Web Wiz is an another story. Staff are professional, they know what you need! Servers are really fast! Support too if you need any! I bet you won't need it because everything is working like a charm! I spent many years searching for this splendid service! Now I am glad to be home! :)

Mac Pompeius Wolontis   Mac Pompeius Wolontis
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

Thank you for your very fast and excellent support! Not with pre-written standard answers, but with personal and detailed information to solve the issue. 5 stars.

Mladen Sever   Mladen Sever
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

After a 6 years long period of hosting our site with a reliable local (Croatia) hosting company we came at the point where server limitations started to be a real issue. With our forum user base growing we faced significant challenge in finding a better solution that would provide us speed, reliability and support when necessary.

With the outstanding leading of the migration process from Web Wiz admins, our site was transferred in a matter of hours and is now in a better shape than I dared to hope for.

Both, server performances (and capabilities) and support are on the highest level.

The confidence we now have in our new hosting company is priceless and well worth our highest recommendations.

Paul Hyatt - HPAD, Hyatt Photographic and Design   Paul Hyatt - HPAD, Hyatt Photographic and Design
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

After using a number of hosting companies I have to say that Web Wiz is a complete breath of fresh air. As an independent graphic and web designer, not a developer I have needed a fair amount of technical help. The help given, which on a number of occasions has gone beyond the call of duty has been supplied in a supremely professional and surprisingly fast way. In this aspect alone Web Wiz puts a number of the big players totally to shame, and that’s before you look at the technology, stability and performance they provide. I have now based all of my hosting requirements in their capable hands and feel confident that my business will continue to grow from such a stable and reliable platform. I cannot recommend them highly enough and would urge others to try them.

Pedro Cury   Pedro Cury
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

I could say that Web Wiz saved my website from big problems I was facing for years because of other lazy and incompetent hosting companies. My website started to experience technical problems as it was continually growing. So, my old hosting company just tried to blame it on me, saying that my programming was poor and they couldn't help me! I believed that for months and spent a big time refining my coding.

After researching further, I found Web Wiz, and just by contacting them telling about my site's problems, they gave me a much better explanation and attention, telling me that my problem was a server configuration fault! I couldn't believe! I hesitate for a while, but decided to give it a try. By the first day, I didn't have a single problem! All my old problems were automatically solved, because it was never my fault!

Technical specification and reliability are basic characteristics for a hosting company, but a good support is what makes a big difference when you have real problems! And Web Wiz proved to me that they are good, fast and reliable. That's everything a webmaster needs!

Peter Davey - QCS   Peter Davey - QCS
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

My personal investigate highlighted www.webwiz.co.uk to be the best hosting solution, Why?

There support turn around is very good
There advise to you is very honest
They will do their up most to solve any problems
Cost A1

All other Host sites, were excluded due to either cost, or a number of negative feed back from the forum, and the Web

Peter Melling - PJ WebWorks   Peter Melling - PJ WebWorks
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

I'd just like to say also that we are very pleased with the hosting so far. It is easy to configure the websites and they are performing well and seem very fast. We are still migrating sites across, and we haven't had any problems. The green aspect of the hosting also goes down well with our acquire clients.

Rainer Fuchs - Germany, Philatelist by passion   Rainer Fuchs - Germany, Philatelist by passion
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

After several years with my old host in USA I finally decided to have my site hosted at webwiz.co.uk. While I was relatively happy with the support of my previous host, they were never able to have my Web Wiz Forum working.

Migration to the new host was carried extremely easy and fast by Web Wiz, the forum worked within a few hours and the support provided was extremely helpful. Now I know what it is worth to have a support in the same time zone as my location. It is like "online support".

While my pages are only related to stamps and postal history, I like to have them up and running constantly. During the migration process I accidentally deleted some folders, within "minutes" support was able to roll back the website.

Great Service and highly recommended to all.

Robert Wood   Robert Wood
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

I have been busily migrating domains, emails and databases from my previous Hosting Company over the past couple of weeks and as a result I have seen dramatically improved performance across the migrated domains in all respects from FTP to website speed. I wish I had done this quite a while back!

Shane Robinson - Head of Technical Services - Iconic Media Design   Shane Robinson - Head of Technical Services - Iconic Media Design
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

I first started to use Web Wiz hosting services back in 2005 for a couple of my own hobby sites. In 2008 I became part of Iconic Media Design who were using another hosting provider and they seemed to accept that websites would routinely be off air, once or twice a week.

After a few months of frustration I managed to move over all of Iconic's hosting to Web Wiz which has to date turned out to be the best move I have ever made. We currently subscribe to one of Web Wiz's Reseller packages and therefore are hosting many websites with them and our customers are very happy with our service which is a reflection of the dedication and support we get from Web Wiz.

We would never choose another provider Web Wiz has hosting and support second to none.

Please feel free to contact me for a reference.

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