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At Web Wiz, we have made it our mission to provide exceptional services and unmatched support to our valued clients. Our primary goal is to exceed their expectations and guarantee their complete satisfaction.

We have included a short list below of some reviews from our customers. You can read further reviews from our customers on the Trustpilot review platform.

Rated Excellent
5-Star Review
Very pleased
I'd just like to say that we are very pleased with the hosting so far. The green aspect of the hosting also goes down well.
Peter Melling
5-Star Review
Servers are really fast!
Staff are professional, they know what you need! Servers are really fast! I spent many years searching for this splendid service!
M.Sait Yagli
5-Star Review
Your support is the best
Your support was the best that I have ever had. Fixing this showed my faith in you and your company is fully justified.
Stephen Billett
5-Star Review
Exceptionally impressed
I have been exceptionally impressed with not only your support, but also your quality of service - my websites are being served up at lightening speed.
Clive Norman
5-Star Review
Can't praise you highly enough!
I still can't believe my project was up and running within a few hours without any hitches. Can't praise you highly enough!
Jon Brewer
5-Star Review
WOW I'm impressed
It's been over a week since we've been live with you guys now and WOW I'm impressed.
Shaun Simpson

Clive Norman - Norman Solutions   Clive Norman - Norman Solutions
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

I just wanted to formally register, that in my albeit rather "brief" experience with Webwiz so far, I have been exceptionally impressed with not only your support, but also your quality of service - my websites are being served up at lightening speeds, and the whole process just feels very "non-strained" (alas, unlike many others).

I can only hope this continues in the same positive vein, and you can rest assured that I shall be evangelising Webwiz prolifically from now on.

Craig Shaw - Real Christmas Trees   Craig Shaw - Real Christmas Trees
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

What a refreshing change, I've got to say, I'm impressed to say the least!

My move to WebWiz from my old web hosting provider has been effortless!

My requests for support setting up the site & email have been dealt with promptly and professionally, meaning I was up and running a lot quicker than expected. The user interface provided is very easy to use and the level of control I have over my database and website including the use of remote IIS management is superb, exactly what I needed. WebWiz far outshine my previous hosting provider in several ways:
A. Offering the latest technologies
B. Exceptional support
C. Complete website config control
Which is why I will use and confidently recommend Webwiz for any future projects. I genuinely wish I'd found WebWiz sooner.

D Emmett (Secretary) - Association of Professional Mole Catchers   D Emmett (Secretary) - Association of Professional Mole Catchers
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

We are pleased indeed and overall with Web Wiz hosting services and which in our experience are far superior to those delivered by much larger providers whose services we've experienced as being frequently riddled with technical failures, and other frustrations.

Derek Walker   Derek Walker
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

We’ve moved our music agency office to Web Wiz. Using Remote Desktop the whole team work at a common location in real time, no matter where in the UK they are. We tried other providers, but only Web Wiz gave the processing speed and connectivity we needed at a sane price.   Great support too!

Drew Thompson   Drew Thompson
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

A massive thank you to WebWiz for helping me today repairing damage I'd done to my Website, this level of attention to detail and customer service is a rare thing and I cannot thank WebWiz enough, you've saved me so much lost business and even more lost sleep.

T H A N K Y O U !!!!

Eric - Genesis Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid   Eric - Genesis Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

I recently migrated my site to Web Wiz Hosting. I have been looking for a best suitable hosting company in the UK for ages, surprisingly, I could not even find any providing SQL Server 2008 R2 on a shared server, then fortunately, I found Web Wiz!!!

Their support are really knowledgeable with super-fast response. Web Wiz helped me migrate/restore my database, setup DNS Records, create mailing servers - well, they have just done all the tough stuff for me!!!

Now my site is running perfectly at Web Wiz, with really fast performance, better than any other hosting companies I have tried in the past 3 months (I have tried 5, including those big names). I am very glad I found Web Wiz!!!

Graham Slee - Graham Slee Projects Limited   Graham Slee - Graham Slee Projects Limited
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

Like so many companies these days we rely on the internet for our advertising but it wasn't working as effectively as it could: no matter how much effort was put into search engine optimisation we ranked that low in international searches that the effort just wasn't viable, but giving up simply wasn't an option. I discovered our sites were often unavailable and that didn't help either.

Having discovered Web Wiz when we decided to start a forum in 2008 and the forum hosting being very reliable, it got me wondering if moving all our sites to Web Wiz would make any difference, so I decided we should give it a go.

The migration was a pain on the side of the previous hosts but once they were "educated" into doing it - me being fed the right lines by Web Wiz at every stage - Web Wiz effortlessly plucked up the sites onto their servers as if by "magic" with no data lost! Emails too were migrated with so much ease that I'd never known before. Within a week of "the dust settling" we've now started ranking on more search terms than we ever did. With one great big spanner removed from the works I should now be able to get down to some proper search engine optimisation.

Hugh de Saram   Hugh de Saram
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

Just wanted to say thank you for your un-fussy support as I got myself set up this afternoon. All seems to have settled smoothly into place and the website is up and running nicely. PDQ!

Jon Brewer -   Director Woodfordes Perfumery   Jon Brewer - Director Woodfordes Perfumery
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

Having never chosen a host before, I felt it would always be a bit of a gamble choosing who to host with. Your site looked highly professional and 'upfront' and you were very prompt in answering my queries - both before and after I'd signed up. All your documentation on "how to" was great - this is my first web project and didn't know how it would go, but the site worked first time.  I still can't believe my project was up and running within a few hours without any hitches. Can't praise you highly enough!

Justin Griffiths   Justin Griffiths
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

Not enough people give credit where credit is due, but you guys have given me the best service of any web host in the last 15 years. Keep up the great work.

Kevin and Ellie Ritch   Kevin and Ellie Ritch
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

On a daily basis we keep feeling that we have absolutely made the perfect choice in selecting you and your fantastic WebWiz over all of the many thousands of businesses to provide our "InterWeb" needs. Thanks again for putting the warm fuzzy feeling back into our business.

Kevin Hann   Kevin Hann
5 Star Review 5.0 out of 5.0

7 years of working with a lousy web host and I found you. I'll be moving all my sites to you ASAP. THANK YOU

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