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Web Wiz NewsPad Access Version Upgrade

The following step by step guide describes how to upgrade the Access version of Web Wiz NewsPad.
  1. IMPORTANT; Backup your existing Access database. This is as simple as making a copy of your NewsPad Access database file, by default it is called NewsPad.mdb.
  2. Use a zip utility program to extract the files to your hard drive keeping the original file structure intact.
    Extract files using a zip extraction tool
  3. Using an FTP Program remove from your web space all the old files and images for the existing NewsPad you want to upgrade, just keeping the Access Database and the uploads folder that contains content that your members have uploaded.

  4. Upload using your FTP Program the newspad directory containing all the files and images onto your web space making sure that the files stay in their original directories.
    Upload the files using FTP
  5. The newspad database folder located at newspad/database needs to have read, write, and modify permissions set on it. Check with your web host that you have these permissions set.

  6. Type into your web browsers address bar the domain name and folder that you have uploaded NewsPad to. The Web Wiz NewsPad installation/upgrade wizard will start automatically in your browser.
    Navigate to the location where you have uploaded Web Wiz NewsPad
  7. Select the type of upgrade that you require then click Next.
    Select Installation Type
  8. Select the database type that you are using, Microsoft Access, then click Next.
    Select the type of Database
  9. On the Database Connection Page, enter your information as follows;

    • Access Database File Name - This is the name of your Web Wiz NewsPad Access database file. By default it is NewsPad.mdb, but you may wish to rename this file for extra security.
    • Path to Access Database Folder - This is the path to the folder containing your newspad Access database file. By default it is located in the newspad database folder, but you may want to move this.

    Once you have filled in the fields, click Test Database Connection.
    Database Connection Details
  10. The Test Database Connection window will open, click Close Window
  11. Test Database Connection
  12. If the connection was not successful go back to stage 9 and complete the connection details again. If the database connection was successful click Next.

  13. The upgrade will now begin. This may take sometime to complete. Once it has completed you should see a message like the one below, click the NewsPad Homepage link to view your NewsPad.
    Web Wiz NewsPad Datbase Upgrade Complete
  14. Your NewsPad logins will remain the same including for any admin accounts.
  15. If you find that you are getting errors and pages not displaying please see Troubleshooting and Common Errors.

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